In these pages you'll find DOM components for several types of menus; for dialog boxes that cooperate with each other through a common event interface; for a variety of animated cards to bring zest to your marketing pitch; for a social media Q&A popup; for a user-centric bookmarking feature; and for an auto-complete full text search feature that requires no server interaction.

Each of these has been created with an intentional design philosophy that emphasizes facets of good component architecture that promote discovery, customization, and simple usage.

Each DOM component stands on its own, has no framework, no dependencies, and no need for bundlers. They each follow the best practices of software development methodologies that encourage event-driven OOP, separation of concerns, and the single-responsibility principle.

Read Write Tools makes software for writing text-based documents that target content management systems, eBooks, PDFs, and other HTML/CSS/JavaScript-friendly media.

In support of that mission, Read Write Tools developed this collection of DOM components for use on its own website infrastructure. So first and foremost, we aren't promoting yet another collection of general-purpose UI components. Instead, we're just eating our own dogfood.

This is our gift back to the open source community. We hope you'll enjoy using these as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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Our gift back to the open source community

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