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by Read Write Tools
The rwt-favorites DOM component uses the browser's local-storage facility to hold a website-specific list of favorite pages. Visitors can add or remove pages from the list using a popup dialog box.


When browsing for information, it's common to glance over page after page of "not quite what I'm looking for" stuff. When you finally discover the gem you're looking for, you naturally don't want to lose it.

Saving that page to your browser's list of favorites is a common way to keep track of important URLs. Unfortunately, the browser's list of favorites tends to get so cluttered over time that it's no longer useful.

This rwt-favorites DOM component is a way to give a similar functionality to your visitors, but on a local website basis. Users can save pages for later in-depth reading, or for follow-up work, or for ready reference. It is most useful on large websites.

In the wild

To see an example of this component in use, visit the BLUEPHRASE website and press F8 "Favorites". To understand what's going on under the hood, use the browser's inspector to view the HTML source code and network activity.


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