Open Source DOM Component

“Kanji” Designer Card

Discover and reveal text over image

by Read Write Tools
The rwt-kanji DOM component displays a designer card which has a horizontal title, a vertically transformed subtitle, text that is formatted as a blockquote, and an image with a mouse-over explanation.


The rwt-kanji DOM component is intended for use on web pages where the reader's attention is only lightly engaged.

Sometimes a reader is in scan mode, rather than comprehension mode. They are sniffing for the scent of things. When that's the case, this component can be used to present a complex idea as a simple visualization.

When a user's interest is piqued, more information can be revealed to the reader by hovering the mouse over the card's prominently displayed image. The extra information fades in, revealing itself on top of the image.

This component takes its name from its original use case: describing the inspiration behind the logos used in the desktop apps of Read Write Tools.

In the wild

To see an example of this component in use, visit the READ WRITE TOOLS home page. It uses several instances of this component. To understand what's going on under the hood, use the browser's inspector to view the HTML source code and network activity.


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